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Member Shout Outs

Is there a WIN member who gave you a referral? Provided you with exceptional service? Helped you in your business in some way? Share a "shout out" to a fellow WIN member

Elaine Connelly to Linda Ford, Linda's Lenses - "I've received many compliments on my head-shots. Thank you."

Elaine Connelly to Barbara Daniel, Cleveland Women's Journal - "Excellent publisher and professionalism."

Jodi Turk to Sandra Graubard, Spiral Studio - "Thank you so much for using PowerMax and for doing the beautiful shout out cards."

Emily Smayda Kelly to Amy Simon, Omnitrition - "Battling extreme sinuses and lost my voice, she provided products with vitamins and I instantly felt better." 

Susan Warshay to Elaine Connelly, Wealth & Wellness Journey - " Thanks for suggesting magnetic name tags."

Susan Warshay to Linda Ford, Linda's Lenses - "Came to my team meeting to do headshots."

Amy Simon to Yana Solomonik, Reliance First Capitol - "There is no better to help you complete anything whether it be a mortgage, refinance, etc. I call her a little spitfire, she gets it done!"

Barbara Daniel to Elaine Connelly, Wealth & Wellness Journey -  "Six time advertising commitment."

Amy Simon to Jodi Turk, Powermax - "I needed my tile cleaned in my home. I bought the home thinking the tiles were supposed to be smokey!! Well they are now white and gorgeous!

Yana Solomonik to Amy Simon, Omnitrition - "I was struggling with weight loss for years . With the Omni Drop program I have lost 35 pounds and feel amazing."

From Jodi Turk to Amy Simon, Omnitrition  -"Thank you so much for using us. And thank you for helping my business with a problem for years."

From Jodi Turk to Michelle Ryb, Buy Rite - "She not only gave me 3 referrals but she helped me solve a problem in my business for 4 years."

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