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  • March 25, 2011 12:35 PM
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    Promote your business to our membership

    We are actively seeking members who wish to promote their businesses to our membership by offering a service, discount, or promotion exclusively to active WINCleveland members.  By doing so, you will receive promotion of your business on our "Member Benefits" page and inclusion of your promotion on WIN member application materials.

    If you wish to participate in this promotion, please contact WIN's Marketing Director, Michelle Pajak-Reynolds.  

    If you have some valuable document/package/PDF that you wish to share with our group, please send it to WIN's Marketing Director, Michelle Pajak Reynolds.  Click here to see our current resources page for ideas and opportunities for you to share your resources with the membership.

    Post a message on our website
    It is very simple!  When you log in, go to the postings page and click on 'Create Topic'.  Anything you post there will be visible to the public, and the most recent posts will also show up on the home page of WINCleveland.  Try it!

    Some quick guidelines-
    Job Postings- be sure to start the subject line with "JOB POSTING" and the date entered.  That way, it is quicker to see relevant items to those looking at our postings.

    Events- be sure to put the DATE of your event in the subject line. 

    Board of Directors positions

    WINCleveland is a totally volunteer-run organization.  Our organization is only as strong as our members and board actively work to make it strong. 

    WIN's Board of Directors positions are all filled currently.  If you have an interest in learning more about these positions and/or serving on WIN's board, please contact Suzanne Carle.  You have time and talent from which we all can benefit; you'll have an opportunity to hone your leadership skills and gain exposure as WINCleveland continues to grow and spread.

    We're all a part of WINCleveland and we all benefit from each others skills and knowledge.

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