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"The Six Ages of Woman" with Mary Faktor

  • September 27, 2019 1:58 PM
    Message # 7905989
    Heidi Hooper (Administrator)

    I invite members of WIN to join me to see

    Mary Faktor's presentation

    at Michaelangelo's Winery on October 16, 10am - 1pm.

    "Pull up a chair and eavesdrop on Vicki’s phone conversations with her best friend Madge. Although you never see Vicki’s husband, her children, or her best friend, by the end of the hour, you’ll know them all quite intimately. Watch time pass before your eyes, as Vicki changes from a starry-eyed teenager discovering love to a newly-wed bride full of dreams for her future, an expectant mother anticipating the joys of parenthood, a harried housewife with over-active toddlers, a menopausal woman re-entering the workforce, and a grandmother beginning her retirement years. You will likely see a part of yourself during some phase of Vicki’s metamorphosis; and you will, no doubt, laugh at yourself, while doing so--be prepared to laugh your way through any tears."

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