building business
by building relationships

What is a monthly meeting like?

  • All attendees introduce themselves to the group with their 30 second (or less) commercial, giving you the potential to meet everyone in the room, not just those sitting near you. 
  • There are usually 30 -40 women in attendance. 
  • Our monthly meetings are free to members, $20 for guests. 
  • Guests may receive up to $40 in guest fees as a credit when they join. 
  • Optional Boxed lunch is available for $20 which must be prepaid.   
  • We have a table available for members and guests to display materials, handouts, and business cards- only wincleveland handouts (agenda) and any speaker materials are allowed to be placed at each setting.

Typical agenda:

11:30-11:45    Open networking

11:45-11:50    Welcome

11:50-11:55    Announcements

11:55-12:10    Introductions to Group - Be powerfully precise & keep to 30 second max

12:10-12:55    Featured Speaker Presentation & QA

12:55- 1:00     Closing remarks - see you at our next event!

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building business by building relationships women in networking together 
we accomplish that which no one can achieve alone

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