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Let me promo your business when you sponsor my music livestream!

  • July 13, 2022 4:09 PM
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    Hello Win Sisters! 

    If you have advertised your business online, in the media, via hard copy magazine, newspaper or business cards, you know how unwieldy these expenses are! Related to this, I'm always looking for a win-win situation, and I'd like to propose that to you here.

    Some of you know I'm producing and performing in monthly music livestreams, broadcast on Facebook, in addition to real, in-person concerts. In fact, several of you have already shown great support! These concerts are out of pocket to bring exceptional musicianship to your screens, and yes, that adds up too. I'm seeking $100 sponsorships to then advertise your business during a livestream, with me reading your 30-second commercial on air, and for your logo and information to be shown on screen! Or, you can appear to personally boast about your amazing business. Remember, the nationally broadcast livestreams stay up there permanently, and so your commercial goes on, and on, and on for years! Any livestream can be shared to your FB page too, insuring you have it. I've been hiring musicians from the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra to insure the highest quality. Thus, you would get your commercial on air, and I would then get to play with the best! I am limited as to how many I can do in one stream, and we would just need to figure out which month is best for yours to air. Perhaps your business is seasonal, for example. Call me and let's talk!  216.763.1806.

    Carol Leslie

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