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5 Ways to Improve Your Work Productivity While Working from Home with Pamela Kopsak

February 19, 2021 5:07 PM | Yolanda Albergottie (Administrator)

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began and workers were sent home to perform their jobs, millions of people have been left to their own devices- literally and figuratively- to recreate a functioning workspace.  It has been the responsibility of the individual to somehow remain productive and efficient in much less than ideal environments.  Couches have become conference rooms and cubicles have been replaced by kitchens as Zoom and Webex has become the new normal in communication.  As we move further into 2021 the possibility of workers returning to an office environment remains questionable, at least for the time being. 

In April 2020, a survey by the American Chiropractic Association revealed that chiropractors were reporting a 92% increase in neck and back pain complaints since the start of the pandemic. And that was only 1 month in.  The good news?  There are simple changes that can make a big difference in your workday and in your life.

  • 1.      Replace the commute with physical activity:  Think about something you can do to start the morning on an invigorating note: get a little exercise, take the dog for a longer walk, get your groove on with some fun music, try a quick yoga routine via You Tube, etc.  The boost in endorphins will improve your mood and productivity as you tackle your day.
  • 2.      Consider your posture: In the best of office environments, it is common to incur neck, back and shoulder pain from sitting at a computer all day.  An ergonomic assessment will help to mitigate pain with cost-effective, easy modifications. Chair height, screen height and keyboard placement are just some of the considerations.  Talk to a professional about improving your productivity while decreasing risk of injury.
  • 3.      Get up and move!  Our bodies were not meant to stay in one position all day. It is important to take a physical break every 20-30 minutes throughout the day. Stand up for phone calls, walk around your house, climb the stairs a few times, dance in your kitchen, whatever it takes to get the blood flowing.  The increase in circulation will benefit your body and your brain, enhancing focus and productivity.
  • 4.      Take a breath and a break.  Studies are showing that taking a 5-10 minute break for mindfulness meditation will not only ease anxiety and depression but will improve focus and productivity. Meditation in the workplace is becoming more mainstream each year.
  • 5.      Incorporate stretching into the day.  Gentle stretching will decrease stiffness in muscles during and at the end of the day.  The decrease in pain will translate into happier, healthier and more productive workdays.

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